About Us

Welcome To Milair Veneers

Making of Milair

Milair is an range of luxury veneers and associated products crafted to perfection to meet the elegance & Style.

It is exclusively made from selective range of European, American, South American & African species of wood veneers.  It’s wide range includes dyed veneers, Hybrid veneers, Laser cut veneers, veneer marquetry and also customised veneered panels.

In the Production of Milair veneers, we assure our customers the highest quality and durability along with unmatched style and patterns.

MILAIR VENEERS is a  luxurious range of veneered panels, which are built with the highest care of minute details, to match the unbeatable perfection. Our core team of professionals is dedicated to develop a Timeless Elegance, Comfort, Quality, Design, Modernity, Durability and Consistency in our each and every single product.

Its brand identity and overwhelming appreciation by customers is the result of series of shared values that lie at the very foundation of the “Milair Luxury Veneers”.

Idea behind “Milair Luxury Veneers”

“Natural is elegant and we bring a touch of nature to your décor in a fine way”.

In Milair we assure timeless elegance with quality, consistency, modernity & durability.

From the selection of high quality raw materials, to processing with highest care of minute details with the help of best machinery and technology, to developing a sophisticated fine product, we have the experience, knowledge, and a team with special expertise and equipment to deliver world class quality products.

If you are looking for exclusivity and quality, along with great customer services & personalised products crafted to suit your requirements,Milair Luxury veneers is the right place. When it comes to high end Veneers and customised services to match your taste, we at Milair assure you of a personalised special care of your needs.

More Than Veneers

“Milair Luxury Veneers” is beyond just veneers. It doesn’t just provide you with a high quality range of  veneered panels, but also serves you with its wide range of Dyed veneers, Hybrid Veneers, Laser Cut Veneers,Customised veneer Marquetry & much more.

(Customised Personality specific Marquetry- A fine Art work  created with laser cutting technology, to convert natural veneers into a masterpiece to add elegance to your décor).

Sevenseas Deco Panels

We Sevenseas Deco Panel Pvt. Ltd. the founders of brand  “Milair Luxury Veneers” have been in Wood and related products trade since 2003. In year year 2019 in our parent company Sevenseas Deco panel Pvt. Ltd. we started our own manufacturing where we developed a range of high end veneer products.

Sevenseas Deco Panel the parent company of  brand “Milair Luxury  Veneers” founded By Mr. Sudhir K. Sharma. Mr. sudhir Sharma has background of family business of wood products. He has been in wood and related products business since last 19 years. He started his business journey in year 2003. His experience and expertise grown over the years.

Till now Sevenseas Deco panels has proudly served more than 1,00,000 satisfied customers across the nation. Most of our customers have been with us for more than a decade. From Wholesale dealers, retailers, Architects to direct consumers we have been very quick and responsible to react their needs. Our reliable and flexible approach to serve the customer is our core strength.